What size router bit for door hinges

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49530, Amana Carbide Tipped Cabinet Door Edge - Front Face Edge - 7/32 x 9/64 Radius x 1-1/4 Dia x 7/16 x 1/2 Inch Shank. $66.75. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. SKU: AM49530. 49532, Amana Carbide Tipped Edge Detail for Rosettes 20 Deg x 15/16 Dia x 1/4 x 1/4 Inch Shank. $33.75.

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Lower the router motor until the bit contacts the surface of the door. Secure the router motor. 3. Make a sample cut on a scrap piece of wood to check for proper size and depth of cut. The hinge should fit snug into the mortise. Make any minor adjustments to the hinge length guides on the assemblies. Mounting Door and Jamb Butt Template to a door 1. Look at the door to determine on which side ...

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This hinge adjuter is made for standard size hinges. This tool is designed to fit over the hinge knuckle and allows the hinge to be bent exactly in the crease, leaving no marks or scratches on the hinges. This tool is the solution to sticking and sagging residential doors. Made in USA. Solid steel with tooled handle for a firm grip.Re: Router bit for 5/8 radius hinges. I don't know the significance of the different radius on hinges. If I have a 5/8 radius on the jamb I can change it to 1/4 or 90 degree radius. I can also have 5/8 radius on the jamb and 1/4 raidus on the door. Leaves of hinges of the same brand are usually interchangeable.

1. Yonico 14176q. Yonico 14176q template trim hinges mortising router bit has a ¾ inch cutter diameter with a ¼ inch cutting depth. A perfect router bit for routing door hinge mortises uses a hinge template. Has a shallow cutting depth and center meeting blade. You can use this bit with or without a router.Router bits are designed to make precise functional and decorative cuts in hard and soft woods with ease. As well 1/4" and 1/2" shank router cutters for straight and chamfered cuts, you'll also find hinge cutters for door fitting and kitchen fitting router bit sets from top trade brands at B&Q.Cut hinge and lock rebates - the average thickness of a door is less than 50mm, which only increases the issue of a small surface contact area between the base of the router and the work surface. The MHL jaws fitted with auxiliary cheeks overcome this issue by shifting and increasing the surface contact areas onto the sides of the work piece. The MHL assures stability allowing quick ...